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“Petru Maior” University Press from Tîrgu- Mureş began its activity in 1996, according to the advice given by the Ministry of Culture nr. 3543/22.03.95/24.10.96.
It is specialized in publishing didactic and technical- scientific books but also scientific studies and publications from particular fields of activity taking place in the University.
In 2001, “Petru Maior” University Press Tîrgu- Mureş was assessed and accredited by the National Council for Scientific Research in Higher Education, being recommended to the National Council for the Certification of Academic Degrees and Diplomas so as the scientific works published here be taken into consideration by the National Center of Science Policy and Scientometrics for its strategic programs.
“Petru Maior” University Press Tîrgu- Mureş is included in the Publishers and Book Distributors Catalog from Romania, belonging to Publishers Association in Romania.

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