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Studies and articles submitted for publication in the journal are brought to the attention of the Review Committee, composed of foreign and national professors, members or correspondents of the Romanian Academy.
The manuscripts must respect the recommendations made in the “Author Guidelines” Section and accompanied by the personal dates of the subscriber (scientific title, position, institution and contact dates).
The analysis of the scientific content is carried out through rigorous scientific criteria, aiming at promoting a certain degree of novelty and originality, accuracy and proven scientific rigorousness of materials submitted by the authors to the editorial team. We aim to promote articles regarding areas of international scientific interest as well as encouragement of research done by academics at home and abroad.
The articles submitted are reviewed by external experts before being published, using a peer review system. The Editorial Board retains the right to reject articles that do not meet academic requirements or send to the author the article to be revised, in order to meet the requirements of the review. We do not accept articles which have been published, or have been submitted for publication in other journals or volumes.
The Editorial Board assumes no liability whatsoever for the opinions expressed by authors in their articles. The authors assume full responsibility for the published text regarding intellectual property rights and other rights that may occur.
Evaluation steps:
    1. Articles are received by the editorial office
    2. Articles are assessed in terms of compliance with formal conditions by an internal review board. Formal conditions can be downloaded here .
    3. Articles are sent to external reviewers. A model of external review can be downloaded here .
    4. Authors are informed of external review recommendation